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Spectrum Wealth will spend the time getting to know you, your goals and your circumstances. We arm ourselves with the knowledge we need to help you reach your objectives, in the right way, leading to strong, sustainable results.

how we work

01 Understanding You

An opportunity to discover what you really want to achieve for your financial future and in life. We will listen to you in order to understand your current situation and any specific issues concerning you.

02 Meeting

Identifying any gaps between what you really want and where you are currently heading. We will help you to discover your true goals for your financial future.

03 Closing The Gap

Together we develop and propose options and practical solutions that can achieve an outcome that really reflects your needs and your goals. You then choose which option best suits you.

04 Build A Plan

With you we develop a solid financial plan specific to your chosen model and one that truly reflects your individual needs and situation.

05 Action

We will lead and coordinate the implementation of your plan, together with all necessary financial and legal partners. We will set up the right structure and firm foundation to get your financial house in order.

06 Review, Respond, Correct

We will continue to monitor your situation and chosen plan to ensure that any evolving changes and opportunities are handled in an accurate and timely manner – remember, we are with you for the long haul.

A purpose driven experience.

When planning for your future or the future of your loved ones like your family, having one option is not enough. Having the best possible option is crucial and choosing the best of the best is a must. That’s why it’s important that you speak to the right people who can help you get it. With our extensive experience, up-to-date knowledge on trends, opportunities and issues and add to it our expertise on the matter, we are confident in developing a well built financial plan to make sure that you get the finest choice for you and your family.

Case Study

Read this case study to know more about SMSF and how it works for business owners.

Barbara owns a long-running and successful medical practice in a country town, worth $300,000. She rents consulting rooms to three other doctors who work from the practice, for a combined annual rent of $20,000. Barbara has an SMSF, which currently manages $900,000 worth of liquid assets via a specifically created company, including cash and shares. A medical colleague has suggested that Barbara consider transferring her practice into the SMSF. Barbara turns to a financial advisor for guidance.

The process of transferring the practice involves Barabra selling it to her SMSF at a fair market rate. The SMSF would then charge her and the other doctors working from the practice rent, also deemed at a fair market rate. The transfer would most likely involve the payment of CGT, and also stamp duty. However, these levies can be significantly reduced through the help of Barbara’s advisor, who has overseen similar transfers in the past, and has access to the appropriate accounting resources. Barbara’s advisor is also mindful that her SMSF needs to have adequate liquidity after purchasing the practice, to meet its ongoing overheads and as well as its own financial responsibilities.

There are numerous options for the SMSF to purchase the practice: through its own cash reserves, a one-off contribution from Barbara (maximum $540,000), or a bank loan. Barbara’s financial advisor will closely look at her personal plan before deciding which fits best. The next step is to meet her advisor to discuss the pros and cons:


•The overall rent that Barbara and her co-tenants are taxed at just 15 percent during the accumulation phase of the SMSF, and nil once Barbara begins drawing a pension (anytime from 55 years onwards).
• The practice could be exempt from CGT should Barbara decide to sell it after retirement.
• Held within the SMSF, the practice is protected from creditors, who could seek to claim and liquefy the asset in the event of her being ordered to pay damages for medical negligence.


• All commercial agreements, including rent and dealings with service providers, must be done at market rates. ASIC is renowned for giving closer scrutiny to doctors’ practices held by SMSFs, so this requirement must be strictly adhered to.
• If the SMSF purchases the practice via a bank loan, the interest charged will be higher than a residential purchase, as the bank can only reclaim the practice as collateral. All other assets held in the SMSF are off-limits.

Medical practice requires a special brand of precision, expertise and judgment. Similarly, the management of a doctor’s financial affairs calls for a unique skill set, one that’s familiar with the profession’s earning potential, risks, and traditional asset base. Doctors should seek financial advice from practitioners with a demonstrated history of working with their peers. Spectrum Wealth has experienced great success working with medical professionals; empowering them with knowledge and options to maximize their wealth.

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