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There is no question that the finance industry can often be difficult to navigate. In addition to the complex jargon and concepts that accompany the field of finance, constantly-changing rules and regulations make it increasingly hard for the average person to take a sophisticated and rigorous approach to their financial wellbeing.

At Spectrum Wealth Partners, we are deeply committed to the ongoing financial guidance education of our clients. It is for this reason that we created the Financial Knowledge Centre. Curated and updated in-house by experienced finance experts, this hub presents complex financial information in an easy-to-understand manner, thereby allowing you to explore and grow your knowledge of your finances.

Exclusive Access to Financial Advice

Constantly updated to include the latest finance news and updates, the Financial Knowledge Centre features a wealth of information that has been tailored to our clients’ needs in both content and delivery in a number of ways.

Modules. Our modules act as training courses which you can explore at your own pace. Delivered in small increments for greater knowledge retention, these modules cover topics such as Cashflow and Compounding, Debt Management, Tax Structures, Estate Planning and much more.

Quiz. After completing a module, we encourage you to test your knowledge retention and understanding of financial matters by undertaking one of our quizzes. Presented in a multiple-choice manner, this section also provides clear resources to refresh your understanding of more complex areas.

Articles. For clients with an established understanding of their finances, the Articles section of the Knowledge Centre is an invaluable resource. This section covers more intricate subjects such as Income Protection, Portfolio Construction, and Small Business Strategies.

Videos. Featuring videos from both the Spectrum Wealth team and international industry experts, this section of the Knowledge Centre is aimed at visual learners who desire a more nuanced understanding of matters relating to Debt, Insurance, Investments, Superannuation, Tax and Estate Planning.

Life Events. A person’s finances are often tied very closely to their life events, whether this be a joyous occasion such as the birth of a child or purchase of a new house, or something more sobering such as a natural disaster or death. The Life Events segment of the Knowledge Centre allows you to explore a range of financial issues in the context of your personal situation.

Calculators. We have developed and honed of our internal metrics for use in a range of practical calculators and tools to manage your finances. Simply input your details and evaluate matters such as your borrowing power, loan repayments, income tax, term deposits and more.

Jargon. Our financial advisors have demystified the complicated jargon that can often surround the finance industry. By explaining complex concepts in layman’s terms, our clients are able to easily navigate the intricacies of finance and focus on more important matters.

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Although Spectrum Wealth Partners clients have full access to our wide library of resources, many components of the centre are open to the public. We encourage you to explore the Financial Knowledge Centre and start learning.

For full access, please sign up for a free one-month trial. Alternatively, if you require more information about the Knowledge Centre or any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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